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Kuwait Sport Forum 2019

Verantwortlicher Autor: Zayad Alshaikhli Kingston, 17.04.2019, 16:44 Uhr
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Kingston [ENA] The State of Kuwait will hold the first international scientific forum for Al-Tamaiz under the patronage of the Minister of Information and the Minister of State for Youth Affairs. Professor Abdullah Al-Ghasab. the innovator and the initiator of the forum’s ideas,

is one of the youthful and creative energies in the Arab world as well as internationally. The forum revolves around "ideas and development projects for the development of the Arab sports system”. It aims to achieve the following objectives: • Exchanging ideas, knowledge, experiences and opinions among those who are interested and belong to sport field including experts, specialized sports bodies and ministries. • Utilizing the experiences of developed countries in the fields of sports by presenting ideas and projects that guarantee sustainable development in Arab sports.

• Utilizing scientific and technical expertise to contribute to the development and enrichment of Arab sports through attending seminars and courses provided at the forum. • Encouraging the value of community participation between international organizations and civil society organizations including companies and decision-makers participating in the forum. • Presenting development ideas and projects to support and develop Arabs

Prof. Abdullah Al-Ghasab, the head of the forum was asked about his expectations about the benefits of the forum, and his expectations were: • Enabling individuals to be familiar with all relevant state regulations and their role in supporting and developing sport. • Encouraging young entrepreneurs to invest in their private projects. • Creating promising investment opportunities by unifying visions and trends between state institutions and those interested in sports investment. • Increasing social responsibility awareness between state institutions and the private sector. • Decreasing rates of diseases resulting from lack of exercise. • Refining the skills of individuals and increasing their ability to creativity and innovation.

Al-Ghassab further explained that this forum is considered the first of its kind in the sports field in Kuwait. The forum includes a group of experts and scientists from various Arab countries and some foreign countries, most notably Japan and Britain, who will present various workshops, seminars and outstanding projects. What distinguishes this forum is the attendance of several governmental organisations represented by the Ministry of Information, the Ministry of State for Youth Affairs, The Public Authority for Sport, The Public Authority for Youth, Sultan’s Qaboos College of Education, University of Tsukuba and Kuwait University.

In addition, some of the most prominent non-profits sports organisations such as the Kuwaiti Football Federation, the International Federation of Sports Sciences and the Academy of Scientific Research & Training London-UK. These entities are among the largest entities. Their support and cooperation in the forum’s partnership and organisation confirms that the forum is moving forward and shining towards excellence in a well- planned and organised manner. In conclusion, our moral support, encouragement and thanks goes to Prof. Abdullah Al-Ghasab for this enlightened thought and his effort to shed light on the sports issues and the social responsibilities to develop solutions for sport issues.

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