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The First International Scientific Forum for (Altamiuz)

Verantwortlicher Autor: Zayad Alshaikhli Kuwait, 17.04.2019, 16:44 Uhr
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Kuwait [ENA] Translated by Dania Alshaikhli The first international scientific forum for "Altamiuz" entitled "Ideas and Development Projects", was launched on Wednesday the third of April in Kuwait to develop the Arab sports system. The forum, which was held at The Palms Beach Hotel in central Kuwait,

Highlighted the most important sports and youth issues under His Excellency the Minister of Information and the Minister of State for Youth Affairs, Mr. Mohammad Nasser Al-Jabri, and the attendance of managers of some of the government and private institutions. That support the research, projects and the presence of a group of academies and specialists in this field to increase participation and awareness of its importance, as one of the components of the modern state.

The forum is a practical and scientific step towards the promotion of Arab sports, a point of convergence between the concerned Arab sports and sports bodies and ministries concerned with the Arab sports arena, to ensure regular practice and fair competition among Arab athletes and to preserve Arab sports achievements. The ceremony began with the Kuwaiti national anthem and then reciting verses from the Holy Quran.

Later on, the Minister of State for Youth Affairs, Mr. Mohammed Nasser Al-Jabri, delivered a speech in which he praised the role of this forum and stressed that the forum will be a gesture and a good outcome for the development of Arab sports and upgrading through projects, research, seminars and courses that are applicable to this forum. The minister insured his support for Kuwaiti youth and sports and the high interest in Arab sports. He concluded by thanking and acknowledging the management of the Forum and its attendees.

Then the President of the Forum and the Head of the Physical Education Department in the General Authority for Applied Education and Training, Dr. Abdullah Al-Ghasab, welcomed the Minister of Information and the audience and praised the efforts of all the supporters of this forum from governmental, academic and media institutions. Al-Ghassab insured that this forum specialises in introducing the viable projects and research, which is a method for the first time presented at the Arab and international forums, which was unique by the "Altamiuz Sprorts Consultancy", which we hope to be a constant work context for other forums.

Dr. Abdul Mohsen Mubarak Al-Azmi, Secretary-General of the Forum and Head of the Office of the Global Fund for Development and Planning of the United Nations in Kuwait, Al-Azmi welcomed the Minister and all participants and confirmed the role of the Global Fund for Development and Planning in sponsoring this forum and supporting all activities and projects presented, especially those that support the development of Arab sports. Al-Azmi insured that the fund aims to: Activate the role of participation of institutions. Unification of visions. Provide opportunities to deliver viable projects. He concluded by thanking all employees and successors of this forum.

After that, a speech was made by the head of the Arab delegations participating in the forum, which was delivered by Prof. Dr. Wisam Alshaikhli, President of the Scientific Academy of Research in Britain and President of the Arab Academy of Mathematical Sciences. He welcomed the attendees, and praised the great work done by the Altamiuz sports consultancy represented by Dr. Abdullah Al-Ghasab and all the participants in this forum.  

After that, all the media organizations participating in the forum were honored by the Minister of Information and the Minister of State for Youth Affairs, Mr. Mohammad Nasser Al-Jabri. The Alhadath news agency in the United Kingdom received a certificate of honor with an award to cover the work and events of the forum. The Minister then opened the exhibition for companies and participating institutions on the sidelines of the forum. The forum will continue to prepare seminars and courses planned in its planned curriculum, which will continue until the fifth Friday of this month.  

In a speech addressed by the President of the Forum, Professor Dr. Abdullah Al-Ghasab, for the Alhadath news agency, in which he explained the schedule of the forum and the purpose of its convening as the forum seeks to achieve many of the objectives represented in: - Exchange of ideas, knowledge, experiences and opinions in the field of sports among those interested and belonging to the field of sports and experts and specialised sports bodies and ministries concerned.

- To benefit from the experiences of developed countries in the sports fields by presenting ideas and projects that include sustainable development in Arab sports. -Benefiting from the scientific and technical expertise through seminaries and courses provided at the forum to contribute to the development and enrichment of the fields related to the topics of the Forum, towards the promotion of Arab sport.

- Maximise the value of community participation between international organisations and civil society institutions from the bodies, companies and decision makers participating in the forum. - Provide ideas and development projects to support Arab sports. This is the first forum of excellence for sports consultancy in cooperation with the Global Fund for Development and Planning and this is the social responsibility that the "Altamiuz Sports Consultancy" adopts.

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